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Perot Malting Elevator
100 Childs Street in the First Ward in Buffalo, NY
Part of Silo City


Mainhouse and Elevator


Marine tower

Industrial Heritage Trail Photo, Map, History

Silo City Maps

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HABS (online June 2013) The main source of information on this elevator

3 drawings illustrating how grain elevators work

1933 additions
Original owner:
Perot Malting Co. Dissolved in 1963.
1984 owner:
Genesee Brewing Co. through its subsidiary Fred Koch Malting Company
The second example of reinforced concrete elevator construction in Buffalo.

Special thanks to Silo City owner Rick Smith for his cooperation, and to Silo City steward "Swannie Jim" Watkins for his assistance. PHOTO

Photos and their arrangement 2013 Chuck LaChiusa
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