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Silo City
Childs Street in the First Ward, Buffalo, NY


Maps - Silo City

American Elevator / Russell-Miller Elevator / Peavey Elevator

Perot Elevator

Marine "A" Elevator

Elevator B Beehive

Thesis for Silo City Adaptive Re-use Design

W C Perspective, Inside Look: Bringing the Silo City Vision to Reality

2012 City of Night Party

Lynn Freehill-Maye, The Trouble With Owning a Grain Elevator

Grain Elevator Dictionary

On another website:  Beth Tauke, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor Department of Architecture, UB School of Architecture & Planning, "Sampling Silo City" AUDIO  (onlie June 2021)

Silo City is a collection of three grain elevators on Childs Street owned by Rick Smith who dubbed the site "Silo City." Lake and Rail Elevator, originally part of the site, was sold to a Minnesota hedge fund in 2008 (online March 2013) and is now in use.  The Silo City elevators:
In addition to the 3 elevators, there is another building that is part of Silo City:   Elevator B Beehive.

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Special thanks to Silo City owner Rick Smith for his cooperation, and to Silo City steward "Swannie Jim" Watkins for his assistance. PHOTO
Photos and their arrangement 2012 Chuck LaChiusa
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