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James Platt White House
144 Chapin Parkway , Buffalo, NY

 140 Chapin Parkway was built for Seymour White in 1911. His son lived next door at #144 Chapin.   

October 2023 Photos

ca. 1902
Built for James Platt White

2 1⁄2-story side gable Neoclassical house. Brick above ashlar stone foundation, brick building, asphalt shingle roof.

Central entry with circular leading pattern in wood door under classically styled balconette.   Dominating full height partial width pedimented entry porch with Corinthian columns, classical entablature and rake, circular window.

1/1 double hung wood windows with stone sills and splayed keystone lintels. Ashlar water table course. Two small gable dormers with arched windows.

Contains contributing flat roof secondary building (garage).

In front of 144 Chapin Parkway - Contributing brick knee wall with stone cap.


The White-Douglas House, 144 Chapin Parkway, Buffalo, New York, March 2021.

Among the grandest residences on Chapin Parkway is this Colonial Revival beauty whose most eye-catching detail is a full tetrastyle Corinthian temple front. Classical details abound elsewhere, too: the overhanging eaves of the side-gabled roof and the underside of the frontal pediment are all supported by modillions with dentil rows beneath; an elegantly balustraded second-floor balconet peeks out from behind the columns; a strict bilateral symmetry defines the façade. Windows are each crowned by splayed lintels in cut stone with ornamental keystones.  

The house was built in 1902 for Mary Ann White (née Dobbins; 1840-1911), the widow of James Penfield White (1844-1894), a prominent local businessman and politico who owned the White Building downtown. Also living in the home at the time and prominent in his own right was her son James Platt White (1878-1937), a nationally notable authority on and critic of the American dramatic arts.

The house was sold after the death of the former, whereupon it passed into the ownership of attorney William Alexander Douglas (1859-1921) and his wife Alice née Hedstrom (1866-1939), a pioneering female business executive with the coal and coke dealership of E. L. Hedstrom & Co. Mr. Douglas lived in the house until his death, and his widow moved in with her daughter at the Hotel Lenox [Hotel Lenox] the following year. 

- Andre Carrotflower, Wikimedia Commons, 9 March 2021

National Historic District listing: contributing brick knee wall with stone cap

One of two small gable dormers with arched windows and gouged dentils, clad with slate tiles                         Modillions  supporting cornices                      Gilded Roman (smooth shaft) Corinthian column and pilaster                                Keystone in splayed lintel                         Brick running bond pattern  

Dormer with arched window, gouged dentils, and paneled pilasters

Modillions: S scrolls with bottom acanthus leaves                         Egg-and-dart molding                           Dentil molding                      
Gilded Roman (smooth shaft) Corinthian column 

Neoclassical style  pedimented entry portico              Classical entablature supported by Gilded Roman (smooth shaft) Corinthian columns          Classically styled balconette with single vase-shaped balusters                     Circular window in pediment tympanum

Pediment: Cornice supported by modillions, with  egg-and-dart and dentil moldings for embellishment

Cornice   supported by modillions, with  egg-and-dart and dentil moldings

 Gilded Roman (smooth shaft) Corinthian columns  and pilaster                         Keystone in splayed lintel  

Classically styled balconette with single vase-shaped balusters                       Keystone in splayed lintel 

South elevation


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