St. Casimir's RC Church - Table of Contents

2010 - Central dome and Apse - St. Casimir's RC Church
160 Cable Street, Buffalo, New York
Photos taken November 2010


Nave / Central dome / Apse
Central dome
Apse mural

Apse main altar

Nave / Central dome / Apse

Nave .....  Central dome .....  Apse

Central Dome


This photo accentutes two of the four pendentives that form the support system for the dome.
Traditionally, the four triangular pendentives feature the four evangelists.

North transept.
Note the pendentives that allow a round dome to be built on a recgtangular base.
Because of the pendentives it is not necessary to use a round building, like the Pantheon in Rome, to support the round dome.

One of  the four evangelists depicted on the pendentives.



Apse mural

Mural: Crowning of Mary as Queen of Heaven
3 details below:

Trinity. Note God the Father's halo in the shape of triangle.

 Angel with musical instrument



Christ Pantocrator  mural

Alpha and Omega

Angel with musical insgtrument

PX .......  Alpha and Omega   ........  St. Casimer  ........... ICXC

Tabernacle and Crucifix

Photos and their arrangement © 2010 Chuck LaChiusa
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