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Buffalo Seminary Niscah Becker Koessler House

  30 Soldiers Place


C. 1910




Tudor Revival
Originally stick style

Buffalo Seminary Boarding Program

Since 2009 SEM has had a boarding program.

From 8 girls in a house on Bidwell Parkway west of Elmwood it has grown to 50 beds in four historic homes adjacent to the school.

The 5th house SEM owns was named in June 2016 for our now retired head of school Jody Douglas; a new assistant head of school and her young family now live in it.

On Soldier's Circle we have Jody Douglass House (#26), Niscah House (#30) and Lipke House (#16); on Potomac Ave. we have Oishei House (#678) and Wendt   House (#682). All have been named through either generous donations of families or foundations.

An urban boarding school is fairly unique in the US. All all-girls, nonsectarian, non-uniform school is also fairly unique. We are the only all-girls boarding school in Western NY. The next closest is Emma Willard in Troy, NY. (It's not in an urban setting as ours is.) We are among the oldest girls' schools in all of New York State and older than all the girls schools in NYC.
- Buffalo Seminary Director of Communications Erin Kelly in 2017

2017 Photos

30 Soldiers Place and West-Chester Hall

 26 Soldiers Place  and 30 Soldiers Place

Dormer 12/12 lights   ...    Half-timbering   ...   Leaded  lattice  casement windows 

Bay   ...  Leaded glass lattice casement   Leaded  lattice  casement windows  ...   Decorative panel above windows (detailed below:)

Urn flanked by acanthus flowers

Flared roof   ...   Leaded  lattice window

Two details below:

Detail #1 - Half-timbering and ribbon windows in front

Detail #2 - Note side stick style features   ...   Wood shingle siding with half-timbered cross gable

Shingles and leaded  lattice window

Special thanks to Buffalo Seminary Director of Communications Erin Kelly for her assistance in 2017.
Photos and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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