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Temple of Dendur, Nubia

Good Mausoleum, Buffalo

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Abu Simbel Temples, Egypt

Edfu Temple of Horus, Egypt

Giza Pyramids / Solar Boat / Sphinx, Egypt

Karnak Temple Complex, Egypt

Kom Ombo Temple

Luxor Temple, Egypt

Nubia Temple of Dendur, Egypt

Philae Temple of Isis, Egypt

Sakkara Necropolis

Egyptian Mud House

Egyptian Balloon Ride


Egyptian Revival Architecture Style in Buffalo

President Wm. McKinley Monument, Buffalo Obelisk

President Millard Fillmore Monument, Forest Lawn, Buffalo Obelisk

Sherman S. Jewett Monument, Forest Lawn, Buffalo Obelisk

Daniel Good Mausoleum, Forest Lawn, Buffalo Temple

M. P. Ryley Mausoleum, Forest Lawn, Buffalo Temple

Dr. R. V. Pierce Monument, Forest Lawn, Buffalo Portal

Edward Gilbert Monument, Forest Lawn, Buffalo Sphinx

Photos and their arrangement 2006 Chuck LaChiusa
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