Marling & Burdett in Buffalo, NY
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Gratwick House

1888 International Industrial Fair, Main Exhibition Building

The first Saturn Club

William Hamlin House

Ingersoll Memorial Chapel
(Church of the Good Shepherd)
and rectory
that had been originally designed by Silsbee & Marling

Church of the Good Shepherd

417 Linwood Avenue

368 Linwood

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Richmond House

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Herbert Channing Burdett was born in Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard Phi Betta Kappa (his BA was not in architecture).

In 1881, he worked initially as a draftsman for Hartwell and (William C.) Richardson who specialized in designing Queen Anne buildings for eastern Massachusetts.

Burdett switched firms and began working for America's greatest architect during the 19th century: H. H. Richardson. In this capacity, Burdett worked on the Albany Capital Building, specifically the staircase and legislative chambers. He also worked on the Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail in Pittsburgh 1883-88.

After Richardson died in 1886, George Foster Shepley, Charles Hercules Rutan, and Charles Allerton Coolidge, who worked in Richardson's office, inherited the firm and completed nearly all of the projects in the office at the time of his death. Commissions continued to come into the office for "Richardson" buildings.  Burdett continued in the firm.

Burdett probably came to Buffalo in 1886 to supervise the construction of Richardson's last design, the William Gratwick House, located next to the Clement House.

Burdett left Shepley Rutan & Coolidge in 1887and partnered with James Marling in Buffalo.

Burdett died of heart disease short off his 37th birthday in 1891.

James H. Marling: James H. Marling (1857-1895) was a Toronto native who worked for several years in Joseph Lyman Silsbee's Syracuse office. Marling was in Buffalo by 1882, most likely to supervise the construction of Silsbee's buildings here. From 1882-87 Marling was Silsbee partner in Buffalo. When Marling dissolved the Buffalo firm, Silsbee was located in Chicago.

Marling & Burdett

Perhaps the most important commission for Marling & Burdett was reworking the design for the Ingersoll Memorial Chapel (Church of the Good Shepherd) and rectory in 1890 that had been originally designed by Silsbee & Marling.

The firm also designed the Harry Hamlin House at 1014 Delaware Ave. (demolished 1938) and stable, as well as the
Jewett M. Richmond House at 844 Delaware in 1887-8.

Marling partnered with James Johnson after Burdett died in 1891.

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