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Knee brace
AKA scroll-sawn bracket

A diagonal support placed across the angle between two members that are joined; serves to stiffen and strengthen the members

Found in Bungalow, Stick, Arts & Crafts styles

I study what I call historic carpentry and I would like to comment that a knee as in knee brace is historically a bent piece of wood, so a knee brace is a "brace or corbel component that uses a bent piece of wood," as in this photo:

These were frequently used to save precious space in ships and are often called "ship's knees." Today, the term knee brace is frequently used as you have defined it, so it may controversial to try to go back to using the historically correct meaning!
You are lucky to live in such a architecturally significant city. I have noticed much of the progressive architectural ideas published in the 19th century builder's books came by way of Buffalo.

 - Jim Derby, Waldoboro, Maine (2002)

Examples from Buffalo architecture:

Other examples:

Photos and their arrangement 2002 Chuck LaChiusa
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