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Saw tooth / Sawtooth

Sawtooth pattern

Dogtooth course

Sawtooth: Having a jagged or zigzag pattern, outline, or course.

Sawtoothed: Having teeth resembling the teeth of a saw.

Sawtooth roof: A roof system having a number of parallel roof surfaces of triangular section with a profile similar to the teeth in a saw; usually the steeper side is glazed [glass] and often faces north.

Sawtooth shingle

Dogtooth/Sawtooth course: A horizontal band of bricks, or course, that is laid diagonally on edge; each brick is set so that one corner projects from the face of the wall, often at an angle of 45 degrees; also called a dog’s-tooth course.

A Dogtooth course is usually made up of three actual courses of bricks with the first and third course being set out slightly from the flat wall.

The middle course is made up of a series of headers set at 90 degrees to each other and 45 degrees to the flat wall, so that they protrude from the wall in an alternating fashion. Think of it like the teeth on a saw blade.

These three courses can be placed at halfway up a plain flat wall or perhaps at the top as a finishing feature. You can, of course also use them on chimneys, etc., to give added detail to an otherwise mundane piece of brickwork.

- Builders Manfield (Online Dec, 2012)

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