The War of 1812 on the Niagara Frontier
Buffalo, NY

War History on Buffalo Architecture and History Website:

Arthur R. Bowler, The Burning of Buffalo Essay, illustrations

Arthur R. Bowler, The War of 1812 Heats Up on the Niagara Frontier Essay

Arthur R. Bowler, The Beginnings of the War of 1812 Essay

William Chazanof, Buffalo in Her Formative Years Essay

William Hodge, Jr., "Buffalo Cemeteries" Excerpts from an 1879 speech. Hodge's father built 300 coffins for war casualties

Patrick Kavanagh, Sarah Lovejoy Essay

James Napora, Upper Black Rock

Frank H. Severance, ed., The Earliest Buffalo including an 1813 "Burned Buffalo" Map Reprinted from "The Picture Book of Earlier Buffalo," Buffalo Historical Society, Vol. 16, 1912, pp. 57-66

Steve and Barbara Townsend, Townsend Ships in the War of 1812

Mike Vogel's newspaper version of the War of  1812

Mason Winfield,  The State of War: Summer 1814, Part 1

Mason Winfield, The State of War: Summer 1814, Part 2

Mason Winfield, The Fourth at the Fort: The Taking of Fort Erie

Mason Winfield, Regulars, by God!: The Battle of Chippawa, Part 1

Mason Winfield, Guerrillas in a Thrilla: The Battle of Chippawa, Part 2

Mason Winfield, “Dread Seemed to Forbid His Advance…”: The Battle of Lundy’s Lane, Part 1

Mason Winfield, A Desperation That Bordered on Madness: The Battle of Lundy’s Lane, Part 2

Flint Hill and the War of 1812  Brochure reprint plus illustrations

Peter Porter - Table of Contents

Fort Tompkins Plaque

Robert "Frankie" Franklin Plaque

Fort Niagara Illustrations, history

The Early Buffalo Drawings of LeGrand St. John  Includes 4 drawings related to the War of 1812

Severance, Frank H, What Was the 'Black Rock' in Black Rock?

Dr. Cyrenius Chapin - Table of Contents Practiced medicine before the War. American Capt. during the War.  In charge of the American militia in the Battle of Buffalo. Imprisoned by the British at the surrender of Buffalo because of his reputation for plundering in Canada.

Job Hoisington Plaque  War hero

Job Hoisington - Christopher N. Brown, Pages 73-79 in Historic Plymouth Avenue in the Kleinhans Neighborhood Scroll down to page 73.

Jesse Ketchum - Christopher N. Brown, Page 57 in Historic Plymouth Avenue in the Kleinhans Neighborhood Fought against the Americans in Canada

Jesse Ketchum - Westminster Presbyterian Church History

Margaret St. John - Table of Contents

Ebenezer Walden Captured during the War of 1812 by British but escaped

Capt. William G. Williams 

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BECHS: List of books related to the War of 1812 in the Buffalo, NY Area

Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society: War of 1812 Manuscripts in Our Collection

Henry Wayland Hill, ed., The Burning of Buffalo Excerpted from the book: . Municipality of Buffalo, New York, A History. 1720-1923

Naval Victory - Copy of an 1813 Letter to the Editor on The Buffalonian website

Pictorial Field-Book of the war of 1812, by Benson J. Lossing, 1869 Essay. See Chap. XVIII-XXI

Map: War of 1812

Maps: War of 1812 maps See especially Map of the Niagara Frontier and Plan of Operations at the Mouth of the Niagara River Includes short essays

People on other Websites:

The Erastus Granger Papers: Cornplanter ... Joseph Ellicott ... Horatio Jones ... The Iroquois (Six Nations) ... James Monroe: Secretary of War and President of the United States ... Jasper Parrish ... Red Jacket ... The Treaty of Big Tree (1794) ... The Treaty of Canandaigua (1797) ... Treaties of Fort Stanwix: 1768 and 1784 ... George Washington Published online by SUNY Oswego.  Granger was a President Washington-appointed Indian agent and President Jefferson-appointed first area postmaster whose farm was located in what is now Forest Lawn Cemetery. During the War of 1812, Granger convinced the local Senecas to enter the war to fight for the Americans in the Battle of Black Rock. The Senecas continued to fight for the Americans until after the Battle of Chippawa.

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