Automobile Industry in Buffalo

Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company - Table of Contents
Buffalo, NY


Roger Squier, The Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Co.   Reprint

Illustrated Short Pierce Company History

First Pierce-Arrow showroom  1905 interior photo

Second Pierce-Arrow showroom

George K. Birge House


Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum:

Heinz, Pierce and Munschauer Co. / George N. Pierce Co.

Pierce and Pierce-Arrow Autos

Buffalo History Museum: 1901 Pierce Motorette

Pierce- Arrow National Conventions in Buffalo:

2001 - July 13  Parade

2001 -  Charles Keith, July 14 Circle of Cars at Niagara Square. Car photos.

2001 -  Charles Keith,
July 14  Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow Custom. Car photos.  

2015 -  July 26, 2015  Car photos.

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