Niagara Street Industrial Heritage
Buffalo NY

The Buffalo Transportation Pierce Arrow Museum

Niagara Street sites on Buffalo Architecture & History

James Napora, History of Upper Black Rock

The Tesla Heritage Corridor   July 21, 2017 Buffalo Rising reprint
Niagara Street between Busti Avenue and Vulcan Street

Automobile Industry in Buffalo

Photo: Buffalo and Niagara Falls Railroad, 1836-1869 historic signage

Photo: Jubilee Theater, 1884 Niagara St.


Black Rock - Belt Line - Niagara Street Industrial Heritage Historic District  Prepared by kta preservation specialists August 2014.  THE 2015 SURVEY BELOW HAS CHANGED THE NAME OF THIS DISTRICT TO "UPPER BLACK ROCK HISTORIC DISTRICT"

Upper Black Rock Historic District  Local historic district.  Prepared by kta preservation specialists July 2015.  
Addresses: Belt Line Railroad,    20 Auburn Ave.,   42 Breckendridge St.,    44 Breckenridge St.,    19 Mason St.,    1225 Niagara St.,    1226 Niagara St.,     1233 Niagara St.,    
  1245 Niagara St.,     1246-1270 Niagara St.,     1255 Niagara St.,    1273 Niagara,    1277 Niagara St.,    1280 Niagara St.,    1294 Niagara St.

Meet the Upper Black Rock Historic Preservation District  Buffalo Rising, 2015   Reprints parts of the “Upper Black Rock Historic Preservation District”   (online August 2017)

Niagara Street - Between Busti Street and Forest Avenue   (slow to load)

Grant-Ferry-Forest, Buffalo, NY Intensive Level Historic Resources Survey    
Addresses:  1095 Niagara St 
Niagara St.,     1114 Niagara St.,     1200 Niagara St.,     1280 Niagara St.,     1300 Niagara St.,       1314-1324 Niagara St.,     1400 Niagara St.,      1469 Niagara St.,      1491 Niagara St.

UB Students Study and Plan the Future of one section of Niagara Street | Part 1     March 9, 2015 Buffalo Rising reprint.    
1246-1270 Niagara St.,      1280 Niagara St.,       1294 Niagara St.

Black Rock, Buffalo, NY Reconnaissance Level Historic Resources Survey   November 2010
Includes 1765-2052 
Niagara St.    

The Buffalo Common Council approved the “Upper Black Rock Historic Preservation District” as the City’s newest designated district on April 28th, 2015. 

The District is a collection of properties that are a significant cultural landscape and historic resource along Niagara Street, Mason Street, the Belt Line Rail Road and Black Rock Canal.  The district is adjacent to the Black Rock Canal, a National Register Eligible resource and part of the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor.

The following information and many of the pictures are from the National Register District Inventory Form that documents the significance of the resource and is a preliminary step in the National Register nomination process.  It was prepared by Carmina Wood Morris and Kerry Traynor of kta preservation specialists last summer.
- "Meet the Upper Black Rock Historic Preservation District"  Buffalo Rising, May 26, 2015 (online August 2017)

Special thanks to Cindy Gorski and Margaret Logan for sharing their research

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