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Tape Art: Piece - Buffalo Caverns
North wall of the Downtown Public Library (along Broadway)
1 Lafayette Square, Buffalo NY

Installation: August 18-21, 2014
Tape Art
The mural shows people navigating their way through a cavern with flashlights.
Sponsor: AK Public Art Initiative
On display: August 18-29, 2014. The public will be invited to help take the piece down when the viewing ends.
Photos below taken: Thursday, August 21, 2014
Tape Art is a stable of public artists that focuses on promoting the use of tape as an art form. The works can range from miniature to giant, intricate to bold, simple to mind blowing. The international movement continues to grow, being led by communities such as Tape Art – a group that has been practicing, applying and promoting its art trade for 25 years.

A giant “tape art” mural is currently underway in Buffalo. Based out of Providence, RI, Tape Art is continually out on the road, visiting communities in search of walls where the temporary art form is best suited.

... Kristen Carbone (Executive Director of Tape Art), who originally hails from Buffalo ...  told me that the work being done at the site is not exactly planned in advance, rather it is a freeform exercise that is location and weather dependent ...  the work is intended to create a temporary infusion of invigoration to places that might not otherwise be readily noticed or frequented (in some cases).

-  Queenseyes, Buffalo Rising, Aug 18, 2014

North wall of the Downtown Public Library (along Broadway).
"... a massive, temporary mural-style drawing ...  made with painter’s tape " - Buffalo Place, Monday, August 18, 2014

Title: Buffalo Caverns.
An announcement is being recorded as people navigate their way through a cavern with flashlights.

People help themselves to flashlights as they begin the trek through the caverns.
2 details below:


Flashlights were cut in half and adhered to the wall in order to create a three dimensional lighting component.

Exiting the caverns

2 details below:

Note flashlights

The finished panel

Details below:

Photos and their arrangement 2014 Chuck LaChiusa
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