Gratwicks in Buffalo

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William H[enry] Gratwick (1839-1899)
William H. Gratwick House, 776 Delaware Avenue

Martha Weare Gratwick (1839-1916) - wife
Her gift funded the Gratwick Research Laboratory of the University of Buffalo
See Gratwick Memorial, Forest Lawn Cemetery

In the late 1870s,  414 Delaware Avenue became the residence of lumber baron William H. Gratwick who did not stay long there.  In the early '80s he hired architect H. H. Richardson to design a more spectacular mansion at 776 Delaware. (Source:  Buffalo's Delaware Avenue: Mansions and Families, by Edward T. Dunn. Pub. by Canisius College Press, 2003, p. 198)

Their children:
  • Mildred M.  Married James L. Crane (1914-45); James was a lawyer and banker; important in Republican politics; there's a branch of the Erie County library named after him.
  • William H., Jr. - SEE BELOW
  • Frederick Coleman - SEE BELOW

C. 1901 photo
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W. H. Gratwick Jr.
W. H. Gratwick Jr. House, 800 West Ferry Street

Builder of Linwood Gardens in Pavilion, New York

Office at 881 Ellicott Square

Letter to Roswell Park re: His mother's funding the Gratwick Research Laboratory of the University of Buffalo  ..... History

Emilie Mitchell Gratwick - wife
Her father was Rev. Dr. S. S. Mitchell (1839-1919), eighth pastor of First Presbyterian Church 1880-1904; he oversaw the building of the church on Symphony Circle and the Welcome Hall

Their children:
  • Roger 1899-1985
  • Mitchell 1900-1982
  • WHG III 1903-1988  - SEE BELOW
  • Theresa 1906-1985

Frederick Coleman Gratwick (1873-1937) - second son of William H. Gratwick

Frederick Gratwick: see Gratwick Memorial, Forest Lawn Cemetery

Dotha Dart - wife
Daughter of Joseph Dart who invented the grain elevator.

Their children:
  • Frederick Jr,
  • Davies - SEE BELOW
  • Martha and Lisa (twins)
  •  Stephen

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W. H. Gratwick III -  Third child of W. H. Gratwick Jr.
Avid horticulturist who brought the tree peony to Linwood Gardens  and developed new hybrids;  pursued a career as an artist.

Harriet Lee Saltonstall - wife
Directed the Linwood Music School from 1947-1963 and founded and involved with the York Opera from 1949-1961

Their  four children:
  • Emilie
  • Timothy
  • Lee
  • Lucy

Davies Gratwick -  second child of five of Frederick G. Gratwick

2011 photo
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Lee Gratwick -  daughter of W. H. Gratwick III
Lives  at Linwood Gardens

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