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Chapter 5 in
The Best in the Bargain: Lincoln in Western New York
Pub. in 2011.
Available at and  at barnes&

Abby Kelley

Buffalo's Name   Evaluation of possible origins

The Free Soil Party Convention in Buffalo

The Emancipation Proclamation Celebration

John Quincy Adams in Buffalo in 1843

Frederick Douglass in Buffalo 1843

Sallie Holley Attends Frederick Douglass Meetings in 1843

Frederick Douglass in Buffalo 1847

Frederick Douglass in Buffalo in 1851

Millard Fillmore Short Biography

Fillmore: The Early Years

Fillmore & The Compromise of 1850

Fillmore and Fugitive Slave Milton Clarke

The Settlers of WNY 1600-1759

The Settlers of WNY 1760-1784

The Settlers of WNY Late 1780s to Early 1790s

The Settlers of WNY 1790s

"The French, The English and Native Americans" January 15, 2015 AUDIO

Feb. 4, 2011 Audio Interview

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