Illustrated FURNITURE Glossary


The Greek word for raised ornament.

Raised ornaments have been made in gesso and plaster compounds.

They are now being produced of rag stock which is liquefied, then poured into a form and molded. The molded pieces are then applied to walls and ceilings to simulate a carved, bas-relief effect. It is, in effect, similar to the Adam brothers' 18th century technique of "composition ornament" or "carton-pierre" [a kind of papier-maché imitative of stone or bronze].


Anaglypta are heavy, embossed wallpapers that are painted or glazed after they are hung.

Anaglypta relief wallpapers were on the market in Europe beginning in 1886, during the Victorian era. Intricate patterns of flowers, fruit and foliage, used in fabrics and tapestries of the period, were carried over into elaborate embossed wallpaper.

On e type of Anaglypta wallpaper is manufactured by laminating real wood chips between two pieces of paper; it creates a consistent textured effect regardless of varying surface quality. After the paper is pasted onto a wall, it must be painted or glazed. 

Examples from Buffalo:

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