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Interior - 880 West Ferry Street
Buffalo, NY 14222

2015 Photos

Front hall looking into the house ... Colonial Revival balustrade at left

Front hall looking toward the front door

Living room... Front windows... Colonial Revival chairs

Living room

Living room ...  Cloth covered valance ... Scrolling acanthus leaves

Living room ... Family heirloom: Abraham Lincoln photo: The Lincoln print is from one of the original negatives of one of the very last photos ever taken of Lincoln ...
"'Twas a gift from General Donovan to my grandmother Charlotte Seitz as she left Donovan's employ at the Justice Dept. in DC. She was coming home to Buffalo in 1928 to marry my grandfather, Garnet Williams. She had worked as Donovan's personal secretary here in Buffalo since 1922 when he was US District Attorney, and moved with him to DC when Coolidge appointed him Assistant Attorney General at the Dept. of Justice in 1924 (after he was effectively run out of Buffalo for his Prohibition raids on places like the Saturn Club). Pretty glamorous stuff for my grandmother, working in Washington for Donovan -- we have letters she wrote home about going to the White House for parties! Donovan is documented to have been a high stress, mercurial kind of guy and must have been very difficult at times to work for. She was proud of that time and I wish I'd had the chance to talk to her about it. Recent research I've done on my Mother's family indicated that actually my grandmother and Donovan were distant cousins! They would have known each other here in Buffalo and this is why he hired her, probably - known and trusted." - Anne Conable

Anne Conable: "Carved mahogany Victorian armchair c. 1880.  Inherited from my maternal Great-Grandmother Emma Mugler Seitz." ...
Living room ... Rococo Revival style armchair ... Molded frame ... Arm supports continuing below upholstered seat as upper part of cabriole front legs  with leaf carving on knees  ...  Three details below:

Living room ... Colonial Revival fireplace ... Note Tuscan pilaster mantel supports

Living room ...  Fireplace Tuscan pilaster capital

Anne Conable:  "Walnut Queen Anne Corner Chair c. 1740. Comparables indicate it could have been used as a barber chair."  ...
Living room ... Queen Anne  corner chair/roundabout chair  ... Pierced splats ... Cabriole legs with pad feet ... Turned stretchers ...Two details below:

Dining room

Dining room ... Plaster medallion with gadrooning, Vitruvian scroll, and flowers

Dining room ... Brass chandelier

Anne Conable: "Carved rosewood chairs ca. 1840 by maker John Henry Belter." ...
Dining room ... One of four Rococo Revival side chair ...    Cresting features C scrolls and S scrolls ...  Piercework back panel in continuous scroll design ... Curved skirt ...  Cabriole leg with  tapered front feet on casters

Dining room ...  Chest of drawers ... Backsplash ... Diamond carving on end panels ... Flame mahogany veneer ... Spiral engaged columns


Kitchen ... Looking toward back porch


Kitchen ... Looking into the back yard

Special thanks to owner Anne Conable for her assistance in 2015.
Photos and their arrangement 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
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