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Bricks for Buffalo: Women's Walkway
Buffalo, NY

 Working For Downtown: Bricks for Women - Offical Website
(online july 2016)

Bricks for Buffalo is a civic project initiated by WFD President and Project Manager Gloria Brennan in 2001. The project covers over 8,000 square feet on the waterfront behind First Niagara Center and consists of 2 walkways, the Plaza Walkway and the Women’s Walkway.

The walkways contain personalized cobblestones bricks, granite stones and benches purchased by current and former Western New York residents. At this time, over 700 inscribed bricks have been installed in the walkways.

DL&W /NFTA Train Shed

A parking lot with memorial benches and bricks

Memorial benches and bricks

Memorial bench

Memorial bricks ... Evelyn Rumsey Cary  ...  Alice Moore Hubbard

Memorial bricks ... Lucille Ball - Western New York Entertainment Hall of Fame

Photos and their arrangement 2007, 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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