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Historic Photos 1894-1941
Industrial Heritage Trail Signage
Fuhrmann Boulevard, Industrial Heritage Trail, Outer Harbor, Buffalo, NY

"The Industrial Heritage Trail, a long-term project of the Industrial Heritage Committee, an area historical preservation group with special interest in the panoply of industrial activities and enterprises that made Buffalo what it was in its economic heyday, is just now coming to fruition." -  Jack Foran, Wheels on the Water, Artvoice, June 7, 2012 (online July 2014)

The Jack-Knife Bridge Over the Buffalo River, 1900

Canal Boats on the Inner Harbor, 1900

Kellogg Elevators and Buffalo River, circa 1910

Looking Up Main Street, circa 1905

Looking Up the Buffalo River, circa 1900

Offloading Grain From Hold of Ship, circa 1990

Cleveland and Buffalo Freight Line Dock, 1905

The Eastern Elevator, circa 1900

Unloading Grain at the Great Northern. circa 1900

Buffalo River, 1905

Buffalo Inner Harbor Entrance, circa 1900

Unloading Wheat Into Watson Elevator, circa 1900

Ore Docks at the Erie Basin, circa 1900

The Buffalo River From Michigan Avenue, 1900

City Ship Canal, circa 1900

Foot of Main Street Looking South, circa 1894

Moving Ingot Cars at Bethlehem Steel, 1941

Unloading Grain at the City Ship Canal, circa 1910

Lackawanna Coal Chutes at Inner Harbor, 1900

Lyons, Wilkeson, and C. J. Wells Elevators, 1894

Buffalo Inner Harbor Entrance, circa 1910

The Dakota Elevator, circa 1900

Buffalo Inner Harbor Entrance, circa 1910

Washburn Crosby Flour Mills, circa 1910

The Crystal Beach Boat Gazelle, circa 1894

2014 Photos

2014 Photos

Jack-Knife Bridge

Kellogg Elevators

Great Northern Grain Elevator

Photos and their arrangement 2014 Chuck LaChiusa
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