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Restaurant  - (Marquis de) Lafayette Hotel

"The Pan American Grill & Brewery's front dining area originally served as the hotel's outer dining room. The mezzanine was added in the 1940s when the dining room was converted into a luncheonette. During the 2011-12 restoration, the mezzanine was extended and a curved front was added.

"This room has beautiful cornices featuring carved cartouches. The plaster and wood was fully restored in this area making it one of the most detailed in the hotel. The beams and ceilings that look like rich, deep-grained wood are actually plaster that has been painstakingly created and hand painted." - Jacqueline Albarella, The Hotel Lafayette : Restoring Louise Bethune's Masterpiece, Keller Bros. & Miller, p.63

2011 Tour conducted by Owner Rocco Termini

October 25, 2011
Part of the Center for the Study of Art, Architecture, History and Nature  Noon Hour Lectures

2018 Photos

Through the door at the left is the Lobby

Vice-President Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated in Buffalo  after President Roosevelt was assassinated in Buffalo

Cloth-reinforced plaster  coffered ceilings feature plaster cartouches bordered by C scrolls

Entrance to the hall leading to the adjoining bar and Washington Street entrance   ...    Restaurant in 2018 named the Lafayette Brewery Co. (fanlight detail below:)


Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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