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Nave - Parkside Lutheran Church
2 Wallace Avenue, Buffalo NY
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View from chancel towards rear of the sanctuary.
Note end of choir seating at bottom corners of the photo.
Main floor seating capacity: 274; balcony seating: 172; choir seating: 33

Nave/narthex paired leather-covered doors

Detail - Nave/narthex paired leather-covered doors
Arch braces (a curved brace, usually used in pairs, to support a roof frame and give the effect of an arch)

Yellow pine ceiling.
Note 4' high  brick  wainscoting.

Arch braces
Baptismal font

Baptismal font

Cross finial ...... Octagonal roof decorated with crockets

Plinth marble carving: IHS

Special thanks to Pastor Nate Preisinger for his cooperation and to Council Member Vince Harzewski for his assistance in 2011

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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