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Main Staircase/Field Marshals' Room/Small Throne Room 
Winter Palace, Hermitage Museum

St. Petersburg
, Russia

Main Staircase

Field Marshals' Room

Small Throne Room

Main Staircase/"Jordan Staircase" of the Winter Palace

1762; Rastrelli's masterpiece. It is one the few parts of the palace retaining Rastrelli's 18th century Rococo style. The massive gray granite columns - four illustrations below - were, however, added in the mid-19th century.

It was here that the imperial family watched the Epiphany ceremiony of baptism in the Neva River, which celebrated Christ's baptism in the Jordan River. In the Neva River, a pavilion was set up over a "Jordan" ice-hole cut for the ceremony of the Blessing of Waters."


"The Main Staircase of the Winter Palace was restored after the 1837 fire by Vasily Stasov, who in the main retained Rastrelli's concept. Two broad flights of marble steps lead up to a landing embellished with grey granite columns. The 18th-century ceiling painting by Gasparo Diziani depicting Mount Olympus visually enlarges the interior that is transfused with light, gleaming gold and mirrors. The staircase is adorned with statues, some of which were brought from Italy in Peter the Great's reign. In the 18th century it was known as the Ambassadors' Staircase, later the Jordan Staircase, since the imperial family used it to descend to the Neva at Epiphany for the ceremony of the Blessing of Waters (in which the river symbolized the Jordan)." - 
Hermitage Official Website

Gilding ...  Grisaille painting

Grisaille painting

Note C scrolls and fanlights

The massive polished gray granite columns were added in the mid-19th century.
Field Marshals' Room of the Winter Palace

"This room is the first in the Great Suite of State Rooms in the Winter Palace.

"The decoration of the ormolu chandeliers and the grisaille painting incorporates military trophies and laurel wreathes. Placed on the walls between the pilasters are portraits of Russian filed marshals. Hence the name of the room.

"Vasily Stasov restored the interior after the 1837 fire adhering closely to the original design of 1833-34 by Auguste Montferrand. - Hermitage Official Website

Neoclassical Style

Balustrade .....   Grisaille painting   .....     Ionic columns and pilasters

Marble  Ionic capital

Modillions ..... Top row decorated with acanthus leaves .....  Panels feature laaurel  wreaths

Grisaille painting   .......   Balustrade

Ormolu chandelier
Peter the Great Small Throne Room of the Winter Palace
Dedicated in 1833 to the memory of Peter the Great .....  Silver gilt English throne  made in 1731.

"The Peter the Great (Small Throne) Room was created  in 1833 by Auguste Montferrand and restored after the 1837 fire by Vasily Stasov. The room is dedicated to the memory of Peter the Great - its decoration features the Emperor's monogram (two Latin letters P), double-headed eagles and crowns. In a niche that is designed like a triumphal arch is a painting of Peter I with Minerva. Set into the upper parts of the walls are paintings (by Pietro Scotti and Barnaba Medici) depicting Peter in major battles of the Northern War. The throne was made in St Petersburg in the late 18th century. The room is embellished with panels of Lyons velvet embroidered with silver thread and silver articles by St Petersburg craftsmen." -
Hermitage Official Website

Grisaille painting    ......    Semi-dome covered with coffering   ......    Gilding

Grisaille painting    ......    Semi-dome covered with coffering   ......    Gilding

Left: Ancone  .....   Rococo style throne with double-headed eagle

Corinthian  pilasters with gilded  capitals

Parquet floor

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