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The Majolica Room/The Small Italian Skylight Room/The Raphael Loggias
Hermitage Museum

St. Petersburg
, Russia

The Majolica Room

The Small Italian Skylight Room

The Raphael Loggias

The Majolica Room

"This is one of the grand halls of the New Hermitage constructed in the mid-19th century to the design of Leo von Klenze for the purpose of displaying the collection of cameos. The interior decoration of this room is based on the devices and motifs of Renaissance art. The hall features the collection of Italian art of the 15th and 16th centuries." -
Hermitage Museum

Majolica: ceramics from Renaissance Italy with an opaque, white glaze containing tin oxide usually painted in several colors

Coffered ceiling

Coffered ceiling panel with  arabesque  patterns


Arabesque  frieze and panels ....  Right: Gilded caryatid (next illustration, also)

Gilded caryatid

Polychrome painted.
Workshops of Castel Durnte. First half of the 16th century.

Parquet floor

The Small Italian Skylight Room, New Hermitage

Cove ceiling (detail below)

Arabesque design: Scrolling acanthus leaves,  Angel with lower body in plant form

Neoclassical style

Gilded   top rail features center patera flanked by palmettes and  acanthus leaves

Lion's paw foot


The Raphael Loggias, The New Hermitage

"This splendid gallery is a reproduction of Raphael's celebrated Loggias, erected in the Vatican Palace and painted by Raphael and his pupils. The Hermitage copy of the Vatican frescoes was produced in tempera by a group of artists under Cristopher Unterberger.

"The vaults of the gallery are decorated with paintings based upon Biblical stories. The walls are covered with human and animal forms interwoven with flowers and foliage. Such decorative ornamentation was found in the ruins of Nero's Golden House."  - Hermitage Museum

Note ceiling painting of The Expulsion of Adam and Eve (illustration below)

The Expulsion of Adam and Eve

Ceiling painting: The Sacrifice of Isaac

Neoclassical style  inspired by Pompeii


Photos and their arrangement 2010 Chuck LaChiusa
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