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  Campanile collection - Opera del Duomo Museum
Florence, Italy
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Hexagonal bas-reliefs

Pisano and Donatello statues
February 2020 photos
Hexagonal bas-reliefs

On the Campanile/Bell tower,  the hexagonal panels and bas-reliefs set in diamond-shaped lozenges  are reproductions      ...   The  originals, as shown above, are on display in the Opera del Duomo Museum:   ...   The panels depict the Creation of man, Planets, Virtues, Liberal Arts, and Sacraments  

Andrea Pisano   ...   God creates Adam

  God creates Eve out of the rib of Adam

Drunken Noah after the Flood

Andrea Pisano   ...   Justice   ...   See also: Old County Hall, Buffalo

See also:   Campanile  photos   ...   Hexagonal sculptures on the
building are reproductions

Pisano and Donatello stautes

Andrea Pisano   ...   King David    ...    Early Renaissance style is more realistic than the chronologically earlier Gothic style, but still somewhat stiff in pose and displaying little emotion

King David

Andrea Pisano   ...   King David   ...   Psalms?

Sacrifice of Isaac  ...   Renaissance style   ...   Contrast the realism in this statue to the early Renaissance style above in the  Pisano statue

Sacrifice of Isaac   ...   Abraham

Sacrifice of Isaac   ...   Isaac

See also:   Campanile  photos   ...   Life-size sculptures on the building are reproductions    ...   2nd from right:  Sacrifice of Isaac

Photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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