Kleinhans Music Hall - Table of Contents

Lobby - Kleinhans Music Hall
Symphony Circle, Buffalo, NY

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2005 photos

Plaque honoring Edward and Mary Seaton Kleinhans  ...  Details below:

First floor lobby coat room

Another first floor lobby coat room  ...  Photo detail below:

Coat room with cardboard cutouts of Buffalo's Symphonic conductors

First floor lobby  ...  See Kleinhans furniture design history below:

First floor lobby  ...  Upholstery not original  ...  Tubular-steel legs

View of balcony from first floor lobby

Another view of balcony from first floor lobby

Lighting over auditorium entrance  ...  View of balcony from first floor lobby  ...  Detail below:

Stairway to balcony

Balcony lobby

Kleinhans Furniture History

Kleinhans Music Hall
Brian Carter, Editor

Pub. by the School of Architecture and Planning, University of Buffalo, SUNY
Pp. 42, 44

Special thanks to Manager Kristen Carlson and Building Services Coordinator Barbara Borzillieri for their cooperation and assistance in 2005

Photos and their arrangement 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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