First Presbyterian Church - Table of Contents

Nave - First Presbyterian Church
One Symphony Circle, Buffalo, NY

The church  is laid out in a cruciform floor plan, with a central dome on pendentives and barrel vaults.

Nave - The central aisle; the part of a church located between the chief entrance and the chancel, and separated from the side aisles by piers or columns

The windows in the east aisle were designed by Mary Tillinghast, a pupil and one-time partner of LaFarge, in 1894.

Chancel and the beginning of the nave   ...   Note 4 pendentives

  Guilloche     ...    Dome   ...   The pendentives are decorated as a starry night sky

Dome   ...   Middle: The pendentives are decorated as a starry night sky   ...   BottomGuilloche   ...

The three large chandeliers in the transepts and nave are miniature copies of the great candelabra in Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Under each electric light bulb is a glass vessel reminiscent of the oil well in the candelabra of the original.   ...   Another angle below:

West nave and gallery over aisle    ...   Note pendentives at sides of the photo that are decorated as a night starry sky    ...   Choir loft in middle rear

West nave and aisle.
chandelier which is detailed below   ...   The three aisle  stained glass windows have not been identified with a specific studio. They are somewhat typical of Tiffany's pastoral scenes, depicting nature with impressionistic use of small pieces of glass and clearly painted figures of animals. They were installed in 1912.   ...   See details and analysis of the windows.

Chandelier    ...    Guilloche  (detailed below:)

  Guilloche motif  ...  Gilding in the form of  gold leaf

East Aisle.
These are three windows from Mary Tillinghast, a pupil and one-time partner of John LaFarge. Forming a unit, "In My House Are Many Mansions" was ordered from her studio in 1894.     ...   See details and analysis of the windows.

Foliated plaster capitals and faux marble plaster column shafts

Wooden pulpit to the immediate left of the
chancel steps   ...  Detail below:

Wooden pulpit carved panel panel:  Greek anthemia at middle top and bottom   ...   Four serpents

Lectern in the secondary pulpit to the right of the chancel - Biblical epistles are read aloud here   ...   Panel detail detailed below:

Secondary pulpit panel includes elaborate anthemia

Marble baptismal font   ...   Three details below:

Marble baptismal font

Base: Bay leaves    ...    Acanthus leaves

Special thanks to Dr. David Bond, Business Manager, Choirmaster and Organist, for his cooperation and assistance
Photos and their arrangement 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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