First Presbyterian Church - Table of Contents

2013, 2015 Photos

Exterior - First Presbyterian Church
One Symphony Circle, Buffalo, NY

Congregation founded:

2 February, 1812

This third church building erected:

"On 13 December, 1891 they celebrated their first service in their completed house of worship. Upon the completion of the 163 foot tower, the congregation formally dedicated the sanctuary on 6 May, 1897." - Jim Napora, History of the First Presbyterian Church


Green & Wicks
Jared Hyde Tilden.
Also constructed the Red Jacket Apartments and the  Foster House


Richardsonian Romanesque

Building material:

Medina sandstone


Buffalo Landmark


Lower tower

Lower tower ... Terra cotta pyramidal roof tiles ... Corbel table  ... Voussoirs

Lower tower

Upper tower

Upper tower ... Corbel table  with acanthus leaves  ... Engaged columns


Note loophole in upper left


Tiffany geometric stained glass window in the organ loft  ... Celtic knot detail below:

Celtic knot surrounded by acanthus leaves

Arcade  ... Capitals with carved  angel faces detailed below:

Different angle below:

Two on right detailed below:

Angel faces surrounded by acanthus leaves

Detail below:

2003 photo ... Same capital photographed in 2015 below:

Beaded volutes ... Angel face surrounded by acanthus leaves

Chapel  ...  Interior  ...  Five chapel details below:




Chapel ...  Henry Lee Willet Studios stained glass window

Billet molding  ... Bead-and-reel molding

Billet molding

North Elevation

North Elevation

North Elevation

North Elevation ... "In My House Are Many Mansions" stained glass windows

North Elevation

North Elevation ... Battered wall

North Elevation ... Wrought iron C scrolls

North Elevation .. Wrought iron C scrolls

North Elevation ... Medina sandstone ... Broken rangework masonry

Photos and their arrangement 2003, 2015 Chuck LaChiusa
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