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Sanctuary and Rose Window - St. John Kanty RC Church
101 Swinburne St., Buffalo, NY 14212

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Sanctuary: The immediate area around the principal altar, which is enclosed by a communion rail, setting it off from the nave

Nave and sanctuary

Pre 1942 photo courtesy of St. John Kanty Church ...
"In 1942 the church celebrated its 50th Anniversary. The artwork in the church Sanctuary was repainted for that occasion by local artist Jozef Mazur.

"In 1948 a fire occurred in the sanctuary of the church just one year after the mortgage for the Lyceum had been paid. Repairs were made to the walls of the sanctuary and nave, and the mural in the apse of the church had to be repainted.

"On January 12, 1955 a second fire raged through the church. The three alarm fire engulfed the interior of the church, still decorated for the Christmas season. Ten stained glass windows burst from extreme heat pressure, and organ pipes fell to the church floor. The fire also destroyed the wooden main altarpiece, two side altars, murals and statuary.

"Jozef Mazur was again busy, this time as both glass stainer and painter, creating four new stained glass windows for the Sanctuary as well as the painting of Christ the King, the angels and the cherubs in the apse." - St. John Kanty Church website (online April 2017)

Sanctuary   ...  Following the fire of 1955, Italian marble was used extensively to beautify the altars. New statuary, with a 46 foot marble altarpiece from Italy, was put in place.

See separate page on murals and stained glass windows - all by Jozef Mazur

Note Sacrificial Lamb mosaic (detailed below)

Holy Spirit in the form of a dove   ...  Pelican and chicks decorate tabernacle   ...   Detail below:

Sacrificial Lamb mosaic

Processional crucifix   ...   Detail below:

Olea Sancta: Holy Oils   ...   Detail below:

St. John Kanty marble statue   ...   Detail below:

Marble floor

Marble pulpit   ...   Note marble floor covering the sanctuary (another sanctuary floor section detailed below:)

Marble floor

Nave colored marble floor and white marble communion rail   ...   Two details below:

Detail #1 - Bronze communion rail gate

Detail #2 - marble and mosaic crown of thorns medallion

Rose window

Rose window created in 1892 by Buffalo Stained Glass Works    ...   Three details below:

St. John Kanty Helping the Poor

Special thanks to Judy Felski for her assistance in 2017

Photos and their arrangement 2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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