John W. Bush/ Ganson Depew House - Table of Contents

2013 photos
Library - John W. Bush House
AKA Ganson Depew House
165 Summer St., Buffalo, NY

See also the front solarium and first floor bathroom and hall central vacuum outlet

Photos taken in December 2013

This single door - as opposed to the original double pocket doors across the entry hall - indicates that this was a private family room.

Brass door hinges

Burl veneer panel

Leaf patterns decorate brass knob and plate

Note servant pearl call button to the left of the marble fireplace

Parquet floor covers the entire room

Marble Renaissance Revival fireplace

Egg-and-dart molding at top ... Beed-and-reel molding at bottom
Marble Renaissance Revival fireplace:  Sea scene.  Note Neptune second from right.

Neptune's sea horses at left

Tritons with horn flank Neptune's sea horses

Right side of fireplace.  Note scrolling acanthus plant.

Parquet floor covers the entire room

Plaster medallion origianlly decorated chandelier

Solarium/Sun room

Adjoining the family living room is the front solarium or sun room. Note the ceramic tile floor, a practical feature when plants are being cared for.

First floor bathroom

Pedestal sink and hexagonal tile floor

Front hall central vacuum outlet

Special thanks to owner Stephen Townsend for his cooperation in 2013

Photos and their arrangement 2013 Chuck LaChiusa
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