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South Clerestory Windows - St. Paul Episcopal Cathedral
139 Pearl Street, Buffalo NY
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Above the arches along the north and south sides of the main aisle is a series of stained glass windows known as clerestory. The clerestory was created in 1889 following the fire, when R. W. Gibson altered the design of the building in order to create this feature. The original windows installed at that time were panels of plain colored glass.

In 1961-2 these were replaced with the depictions of the Saints which are seen today. They were designed by Katharine Lamb Tait of J&R Lamb Studios, Tenafly, NJ.

The original windows were made into sun-catchers in the form of crosses, and sold as souvenirs.

The Saints depicted in the North clerestory (not shown on this page) are St. Agnes, St. Hilda St. Joseph, St. George, St. Anne, St. Elizabeth, St. Margaret, St. Stephen, St. Alban, St. Augustine, St. Luke, St. Paul.

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St. John

St. Bartholomew

St. Andrew

St. Matthew

St. Philip

St. James

St. Simon

St. Thomas

St. Peter

St. James the Less

St. Matthias

St. Thaddeus

Special thanks to The Very Rev. N. DeLiza Spangler, Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, for her cooperation in May 2009

 Photos and their arrangement 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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