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CARRIAGE HOUSE - Hollister/Evans House
170 Park Street, Buffalo NY

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Photos courtesy of Brian Brady

Left:  Carriage House, #170 Park Street   ...   MiddleAddition, #176 Park Street  ...   Right:   Hollister/Evans Houses, ##186-188 North Street     ...

Wide green door is the Park Street entrance   ...
The carriage house for the
Hollister/Evans House is a double carriage house with two entrances, one from North Street side (presumably for #188 North),  and the other from Park St.   (presumably for #186 North) ...   The North St. entrance was later bricked up and now part of a fountain and garden courtyard where the current owners were married.  

Second Empire style, echoing the Hollister/Evans House style   ...   The first floor contains a parlor and half-bathroom that doubles as a guest suite   ...    Upstairs is a second parlor , kitchen, full bathroom, and two bedrooms

The wooden walled divided courtyard is located between the carriage house at left and the brick addition to the right   ...   The two separate areas in the courtyard belong to the Carriage house and Addition owners

Louvered vent with flared pyramidal roof    ...   Note skylight on shed roof

 Modern ribbon dormer on the second floor    ...    Brick corbel table beneath the dormers echoes the same feature on the main house

Hay loft crane and pentagonal door loft has added balcony with modern bargeboard

Note the fence, taken down probably in the 1970s, in this 1895 photo of St. Paul's Cathedral    ...     Remnants of the fence, shown below, are an attractive feature of the property.   Photo courtesy of Martha Neri

Note the addition (#176 Park St.) and the main house on the adjoining properties

Cast iron fence features Gothic newel posts

cast iron Gothic steeple with foliated finial and hooded blind arches

Carriage houses often combined a hay loft and groomsman apartment on the second floor  (cf., the Darwin Martin House)    ...  This carriage house converted part of the first floor  to apartment living    ...   Note the top-of-the-roof air vent and also the air vents on the side of the house, two of which are detailed below:

Air vents

Special thanks to owners Bernadette and Michael Dupre for their cooperation in 2020

Color photos and their arrangement 2020 Chuck LaChiusa
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