Niagara Street Industrial Heritage

1287 Niagara St.
, Buffalo, NY

Built in the early 900s.

Corbel table   ...   Belt course   ...    Engaged buttresses   ...    Voussoirs frame rounded arched window


Another upper Niagara Street property has sold. Ellicott Development purchased an apartment building at 1287 Niagara Street on Monday for $365,000. Erie-Niagara Public Benefit Funding Corp. was the seller.

The four-story building contains 12,768 sq.ft. of space and is along a corridor [Niagara Street Industrial Heritage] seeing an unprecedented level of developer interest.

In October, Ellicott purchased 1294-1300 Niagara across the street and a parking lot at 1295 Niagara for $2.375 million. Northwest Community Health Center occupies the property. Erie-Niagara Public Benefit Funding Corp. was the seller of this building as well.

Ellicott Development purchased a vacant .94 acre parcel at 1095 Niagara for $330,000 in May. Long-range plans for the site are still being formulated but in the short-term it will be used for overflow parking for its projects at 1050 and 1088 Niagara.
- Big Deal: 1287 Niagara Street Sold.  Pub. on Buffalo Rising, July 18, 2017

Photos and their arrangement  2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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