Niagara Street Industrial Heritage

John and Carolyn Butterfield Wells House/Rich Products Office Building - DEMOLISHED 2018
1155 Niagara Street, Buffalo NY

"This Niagara Street house was the original corporate headquarters of Rich Products.  It had been the home of John and Carolyn Butterfield Wells and, it is believed, where Wells and William G. Fargo met to form the Wells-Fargo freight lines."
- Richard C. Brown and Bob Watson
, Buffalo: Lake City in Niagara Land

The first location of Rich Products   ...   Robert Rich, Sr., had his office on the second floor

Ribbon windows, probably modified from the originals   ...   Wooden shingles

Fancy wooden shingles

Shed roof on dormer   ...   Clipped gable roof

Onondaga limestone foundation

Photos and their arrangement  2017 Chuck LaChiusa
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