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2004 - Interior - St. Louis RC Church
780 Main Street at Edward, Buffalo, NY
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A major renovation of both the exterior and interior of St. Louis Church was almost complete in March of 2004 when these photographs were taken.

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St. Louis church is built on a cruciform plan


Bosses contain lighting

High Altar in the Apse

"Louis IX" sculpted by Joseph Sibbel

Detail - High Altar

Detail - High Altar

Detail - High Altar

Left: Polished granite marble columns

Hand carved pulpit ... Transept rose window

North wall

Station of the Cross

Clerestory stained glass windows

South side aisle

North transept rose window

St. John

Confessional in south transept

1903 Kimball Organ

Detail - choir loft

Door leading to the narthex


Source of captions: "Gothic Grandeur: A Rare Tradition in American Catholicism," by C. Eugene Miller and Michael A. Riester. Buffalo: Canisius College Press, 2003.
Photos and their arrangement © 2006 Chuck LaChiusa
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