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2010 - Clearstory Stained Glass Windows
St. Louis RC Church
780 Main Street at Edward, Buffalo, NY 

Studio: Buffalo Stained Glass Works (Riester & Frohe) 

"The windows in the clerestory were also made at this time by a less expensive process such that each cost $225 [about $5300 in 2009 ]. ...

The clearstory rises twenty-seven feet above the roof of the side aisle. On each of its sides there are seven stained glass windows with run-on [stenciled geometric] designs of differing patterns, each eight feet wide and nineteen feet high." - Gothic Grandeur: A Rare Tradition in American Catholicism,  Authored and Co-Edited by C. Eugene Miller, Ph.D. and Co-Edited by Michael A. Riester.

Detail of above photograph

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