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History - Buffalo Savings Bank / Goldome / M& T Bank Center
545 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

Historic photos on display in the bank in August 2017

Green & wicks design for the banking floor   ...   Note that the tellers' cages are in the center of the rotunda beneath the dome (2017 photos of the rotunda  and dome)

Tellers' cages are in the center of the rotunda beneath the dome    ...   In 2017, the left mural  - "The Founding of Buffalo" - now occupies the space where the right hand mural is in the photograph   ...  The left mural space has been radically changed and eliminated.

The center of the tellers' cages  in the original layout (see above)  facing Main Street...   Left, southwest  pendentive:  "The Arts" above the 2017 main entrance  ...   Right, northwest pendentive"Power"

Northwest pendentive mural: "Power"

Note the six story office building between the 1983 addition under construction and the original Buffalo Savings Bank.  The office  building, which housed offices for bank employees, was demolished for the plaza.

Northwest pendentive mural: "Power"   ...   Window at left is on the Main Street side (west side) of the building   ...   The mural to the right was removed and the entrance to the plaza, between the 1904 building and the 1981 addition, was enlarged.

"Section looking toward Main Street"

Craftsmen ply their trade adding gilding on the outside dome

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