William Hengerer Company / Lafayette Court -Table of Contents

Facade - William Hengerer Company / Lafayette Court
465 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14203

2-story addition - 1910
Cyrus Kinne Porter
Beaux ArtsNeoclassical
Structural material:
Facade system:
Applied masonry (brick)
1987 conversion style:

2016 photos

2011 photo.
Middle black building:
  Tishman Building/National Fuel (before the building was adaptively reused into the Hilton Garden Inn in 2012).
Behind the Tishman: Rand Building.
To the right of the Tishman ( white):
Western Savings Bank/Main Court Building

Mid 1980s: The renamed Lafayette Court building was converted into office space  ... "Modernized" style: Postmodern

Clock and gable roof are
Postmodern additions

Clock and gable roofs are Postmodern additions

Segmental arches, window muntins and belt course are Postmodern additions

Window muntins  are Postmodern additions

Postmodern additions

Main entrance has flanking
Postmodern stylized pilasters and a fanlight

Circle functions as a
capital decoration on the paneled pilaster

Darker granite horizontals suggest a
Postmodern stylized banded column

Postmodern  bay window

Different color polished granite add a decorative element in the mid-80s Postmodern  adaptation

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