Table of Contents - Saint Andrew's

Exterior - Saint Andrew's Episcopal Church
University Heights, 3107 Main Street, Buffalo, NY


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North & Shelgren
Also by Robert North: Church of the Advent


Norman English Gothic Style

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St. Andrew's and Parish House/Church office

Medina sandstone steps lead to Gothic-arched entrance

Light fixture to left of entrance

St. Andrew the Apostle

St. Andrew in a pose that echoes the saltire (x-shaped) cross on which he was martyred

Parapeted wall on tower... Trefoil-shaped blind windows

West window

Table of Contents - Saint Andrew's

Trefoil-shaped limestone tracery - detail of previous photo

North elevation

Part of south elevation.

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Special thanks to Rector Sarah Buxton-Smith and Parish Administrator Julie Spina for their assistance

Photos and their arrangement © 2003 Chuck LaChiusa
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