Fidelity Trust Bank Building / Swan Building - Table of Contents

Fidelity Trust Bank Building / Swan Tower

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2006 Photos

(Larger) Board Room

Note pilasters  separating panels

Plaster ceiling with Classical design

Small modillions "support" cornice    ...    Corinthian capital

Square Corinthian column

Guilloche molding in and between medallions    ...    Neoclassical colors influenced by Robert Adam

Four fireplace details below:

Fireplace detail #1 - Carved face keystone in rounded arch of niche    ...    Flanking panels with Classical carved faces

Fireplace detail #2 -  Carved face keystone in rounded arch of niche     ...   Sunburst(?) or shell(?)  with gadroon-shaped extensions

Fireplace detail #3 -  Swan's neck pediment  atop panel with Classical carved face surrounded by acanthus leaves

Fireplace detail #4 -  Basket weave in  firebox

Brass sconce topped with urn

(Smaller) Board Room

Plaster ceiling

Classical urn above panel with classical figures

Paired fluted pilasters

Fluted pilaster

Fireplace:   Overhanging Cornice    ...    Carved frieze    ...    Marble surround and hearth    ...    Four details below:

Fireplace detail #1 - Overhanging Cornice   ...    Carved frieze    ...    Marble surround

Fireplace detail #2  - Overhanging Cornice   ...   Frieze  carved urn

Fireplace detail #3  -  Frieze  carved  patera, ribbons, and and festoon

Fireplace detail #3e  -  Frieze carved panel

Photos and their arrangement 2006 Chuck LaChiusa
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