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Nave Windows - Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
1080 Main Street, Buffalo, NY

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Nave stained glass windows
Windows by Calvert and Kimberly Co. of New York City in1905 

"Oliver Speers Kimberly was born on June 20, 1871, in Guilford, Connecticut ... Mr. Kimberly originally designed windows for Tiffany Studios. He shifted to the lamp department for a short time before leaving Tiffany's firm in late 1899 to form his own stained glass company with Thomas Calvert (1873-c. 1950), an Englishman who was also a former Tiffany artist. Their firm was known as Calvert and Kimberly. At the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, which celebrated the Centennial of the Louisiana Purchase, the Calvert and Kimberly firm won a Gold Medal and the Grand Prize for the window it fabricated, "The Angel of the Resurrection," designed by William Fair Kline (1870-1931). The partnership with Calvert was dissolved in late 1905, and the succeeding partnership with Mr. Duffner began in December of 1905..."  - Leaded Lamps.com (online Feb. 2020)

Geometric opalescent stained glass

Pinnacles topped with finials
Note Venetian arches

Geometric opalescent stained glass held together with lead cames

Memorial window

Photos and their arrangement 2010 Chuck LaChiusa
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