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The Charles Lautz House
81 Linwood Avenue, Buffalo, New York

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Circa 1878


Second Empire


Linwood Avenue Historic District

2013 photos

Mansard roof ... Dormers

Incised limestone window head

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2008 photos

#85 demolished

##81 (left / north) and 77




Straight mansard roof

Modillions support two cornices

Incised stone window head with rose in tympanum

Incised stone window head with roses and shell in tympanum

The residence was one of three neighboring houses built for Lautz family members, this one for the Charles Lautz family, 77 for the J. Adam Lautz family, and 85 for the F. C. M. Lautz family. The Lautzes came to Buffalo from Germany in the 1850s and started a candle-making business involving all of the family members. Eventually, their interests broadened into the Niagara Starch Works, the Niagara Monument Company, and a tool and die manufactory.

Later residents of the home included Dr. Edward A. Sharp, a physician, professor, and president of the NYS Committee on Mental Hygiene, who after specialized neurology work in the great cities of Europe opened a private practice and joined the faculty of the University of Buffalo medical school in 1912.

In 1958, the then-owner, James P. Higgins was granted a permit to demolish a one-family masonry dwelling on the site. At some point in its history, the house was converted into front and rear living quarters. Today, the two former separate spaces are now open and the rear serves as guest quarters.

Photos and their arrangement 2008 Chuck LaChiusa
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