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Herbert P. Bissell House
549 Linwood Avenue

Buffalo, NY




C.D. Swan


Queen Anne


Linwood Historic Preservation District

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Linwood at Balcom St.
Queen Anne style

3-story tower with conical roof

Queen Anne style brackets supporting cornice

Second story stained glass 15' X 15' bay window

Balcom St. (north side) entrance

Dentil molding ... Paired columns feature capitals with beading above acanthus leaves

This 5,000 sq. foot Queen Anne residence was designed by prominent architect Charles Day Swan and built in 1891.

Herbert P. Bissell, a partner in the law firm Sicard Brundage & Bissell, with offices at 2845 main Street, was the home's first owner.

Typical to the style, the house features a hipped roof and tower with a conical roof. Distinctively colored red Potsdam sandstone covers the front porch; it was a favorite material of the architect, who was a master of the Shingle style and designed many mansions in Buffalo in the lathe 19th century.

Photos and their arrangement 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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