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The Cornelius Apartments
1391 Hertel Avenue, Buffalo, New York

Since 1917, the building at the corner of Hertel and Saranac Avenues has been a North Buffalo landmark. In its early years, 1391 Hertel Avenue served as both a church and a school for the Roman Catholic parish of St. Margaret’s.

In the 1950’s a new church was built, and from then until 2012, St. Margaret’s School educated generations of neighborhood children within its walls. Now the building is experiencing new life as the Cornelius, a 23-apartment residence in the heart of the Hertel Avenue commercial district. Cornelius Creek Road, from which the building takes its name, was an earlier name for Hertel Avenue.
The Cornelius Apartments (online October 2018)

What it looked like Wednesday: St. Margaret’s Church, 1930s
By Steve Cichon
Buffalo Stories, October 19, 2016  (online Oct. 2018)

Three different buildings have served as St. Margaret’s church since Fr. Thomas Timmons was assigned to start a parish on a swampy plot of land in the growing Hertel Avenue/North Park neighborhood in 1916.

Rev. Thomas Timmons stands in front of the temporary St. Margaret’s Church on Hertel Ave., 1917. Buffalo Stories archives

[Building at left:  1924 Rectory]

[Building at right:]  St. Margaret’s church and school, early 1930s. This building is currently under renovation into street-level retail and apartments. A façade was added to the building in the 1960s for the use of the school after the current St. Margaret’s church building was built in 1957.

Early the following year [1918], a temporary church was consecrated and open to serve the Catholics in North Buffalo.

Interior of the temporary St. Margaret’s Church. 1917. Buffalo Stories archives.

Within a year [1919], the cornerstone was laid for the second St. Margaret’s Church. This is the building which was most recently St. Margaret’s School, and is currently under development by Iskalo to create 2,000 square feet of retail space and 24 apartments.

The rectory was built in 1924, and the current St. Margaret’s church building was built starting in 1957.

St. Margaret’s School, 2015. Buffalo News photo

Photos and their arrangement © 2018 Chuck LaChiusa
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