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2014 photos
Exterior photos - Otto and Rose Jekel House
39 Granger Place, Buffalo, NY

One of four contiguous houses with similar blueprints
Charles F. Jekel
Queen Anne

Four of the five houses built by railroad conductor / builder / architect Charles F. Jekel on Granger Place. #39 is 3rd from the right.  Jekel lived in the second house from the right.

Street lore is that Jekel salvaged Pan-American Expo building material which was free for the taking after the Expo closed but before it was demolished and scrapped. Jekel supposedly used a horse and buggy to transport the wood to Granger Place and used the materials to build his five houses.

Jekel's fifth house across the street is a side-by-side double with separate addresses, ## 32 and 34.

#39 Granger ... Note elevator walkway construction in the driveway.

August 2015 photo

Original blueprint

White sign on window is the building permit for the elevator being constructed in the rear of the house.

Fanciful ancone at end of frieze ... Fluted Tuscan Revival column.

Dog-house dormer features broken pediment and wooden traceried sash windows

Originally, the 2nd floor bay extended to the ground; when cars became common, the first floor section was removed on all the four Jekel houses to widen the driveway for cars.

A second bay is being constructed to be used as an interior walkway between a new elevator in the rear and the house ... Note the attic greenhouse (also below:).

Attic greenhouse.

May 1, 2014
New elevator and entrance to the right of the elevator being added to the back of the house.

May 1, 2014
Footing where the elevator and home entrance will be located ... At left, construction workers are starting to construct the second bay which will be a passageway between the elevator and the house.

May 1, 2014
Contractors  constructing the second bay which will be a passageway between the elevator and the house.

Photos below were taken one week later:

May 8, 2014
One week's progress:  Elevator shaft has been added to the rear of the house. The shaft is connected to the new driveway bay.

May 8, 2014
Added entrance ... Left: elevator shaft ... Original stairway

May 8, 2014
Inside the elevator shaft which was added to the rear of the house ... On the second floor, passengers will  exit the elevator into the the driveway bay which will be a passageway between the elevator and house.

June 2014

View from the street ...  Cantilevers ... The newly built second bay is a passageway from the elevator to the kitchen.

View from the backyard ...  The elevator shaft opens into the newly built bay.

Back door to the immediate right of the elevator shaft.

Special thanks to Carol Case Siracuse and Thomas Palamuso for their cooperation and assistance.

Photos and their arrangement 2014 Chuck LaChiusa
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