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Naves - Trinity United Methodist Church
2100 Whitehaven Road, Grand Island NY

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John Highland, Buffalo
Artist, windows and cross: Roy Calligan, Carnegie, Pa.


Neo-Expressionist Modern

Photo taken from the chancel: the south (left) and north (right) naves are identical.

North nave photos: in this reddish brown background table.
South nave photos:  below in the blue background table.

North Nave

Photo of the north nave taken from the chancel.
chevron shape stained glass window.

Photos of the south nave (identical in shape and form to the north nave) found below in dark blue colored table.

Detail - upper north nave chevron shape stained glass window

Detail - upper north nave stained glass window

Photo of the north nave taken from the chancel.

Lockport dolomite wall is two feet thick; the roughness of the wall helps the acoustics of the room by absorbing some of the echo.

Note three lower windows (next three photos below)

Lower left faceted stained glass window 

Lower center window 

Lower right window 

North nave stained glass window wall

North nave stained glass window wall

South nave

Photo of the south nave taken from the chancel.
Note chevron-shaped stained glass window at top of photo.  Photo below illustrates the entire window.

Detail of above photo.

Detail - south nave back wall stained glass windows

Special thanks to Pastor Rev. Jeffrey B. Childs for his cooperation
and to Martha Martin for her assistance.

Photos and their arrangement © 2010 Chuck LaChiusa
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