Prospect Avenue Baptist Church - CLOSED
62  Georgia Street,  Buffalo NY
AIDS Community Services of WNY - Official Website

2012 sale was to the Evergreen Association

Exterior photos

Narthex photos

Sanctuary photos

Balcony photos

James Napora, History of Ninth Street Baptist Church / Prospect Avenue Baptist Church

James Napora, History of The Lower West Side

Dana Saylor-Furman, Perspective on Prospect: Preservation in the Historic West Village

Ninth Street Baptist Church built:
Ninth Street Baptist Church architect:
Original Ninth Street Baptist Church style:
Romanesque Revival

Name change:

1871, with the renaming of Ninth Street to Prospect Avenue
Prospect Avenue Baptist addition: 1881

1881 Prospect Avenue Baptist Church additition architect:

F. W. Caulkins

Addition style:

English Gothic Revival

Map courtesy of Mapquest

Special thanks to AIDS Community Services of WNY Director of Marketing and Special Projects Christopher Voltz for his assistance in 2011

Photos and their arrangement 2011 Chuck LaChiusa
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