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The Parke Lane Apartments / Park Lane Condominium
33 Gates Circle, Buffalo, NY
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Nomination for Listing on the State & National Registers of Historic Places

2016 Exterior Photos

Porter and Jennie Watson Norton House:
1901 Georgian Revival mansion

Parke Apartments built:
on the grounds of the former  Norton House
Original name:
Parke Apartments
Parke origin:
1919 Building bought by Walter Parke, head of a  Chicago real estate company that built the apartment house
H. L. Stevens & Co., NY City
Second Renaissance Revival
Cast-in-place concrete
Name change:
1925 The Parke Lane apartments
1926 The Park Lane apartments
Park Lane apartments converted to condominiums:

Norton mansion adaptive reuse: 1926 Park Lane Restaurant
1926 Park lane Restaurant manager:
Peter Gust Economou
Rebuilt  Park Lane Restaurant:
Tudor Revival style
Gates Circle
Millard Fillmore Hospital
Similar luxurious apartment houses:
800 West Ferry

East elevation

Date reflects change in spelling, from Parke Lane to Park lane

East elevation, facing Gates Circle

Main entrance wing

Main entrance  ...  Detail below ...  Background: Gates Circle-Delaware Apartments

Broken pediment above fanlight ...   Engaged Tuscan columns

North elevation

North elevation facing Lafayette Avenue

Corner quoins ...  Third story window cornices ...  First story window pediments  (detail below:)

First story window pediments

Corner quoins ... Second story window features stone lintel and sill  ... Keystone  ...  Rounded arch with decorated tympanum above eight over eight lights

Keystone  ...  Rounded arch with decorated tympanumribbons, garland, pendant bellflowers ...  Label stops

Stone (Ohio limestone?) window surround:  Triangular pediment  ... Plain frieze

Roundel ...  Broken pediment with acanthus ornament

Cornice  supported by ancone

Flanking C scroll buttresses

Copper modillion-supported cornice

North west elevations

Photos and their arrangement 2016 Chuck LaChiusa
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