William Ziegle House
August Feine House
766 Ellicott St., Buffalo, NY

2017 Junior League of Buffalo and The Buffalo News Decorators' Show House
Junior League of Buffalo - Official Website

Show Houses - Table of Contents

Albert Ziegle

Johann Irlbacker

August Feine

2005 photos - Exterior

2005 photos - Interior, first floor

2005 photos - Interior, second floor

Barry A. Muskat,  Decorators’ Show House 2017

2016 neighbors: Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus  .......  Allen/Medical Campus Metro Rail Station

See also: Stella Lowry House  2005 Ginger Schroder's Midway Row House in 2005

Special thanks to new owners Schröder Joseph & Associates, LLP, especially Ginger Schroder, for their cooperation and assistance in 2005
Photos and their arrangement © 2005 Chuck LaChiusa
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