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2009 Gibson's Sons Window: Christ Knocking in the Door
Trinity Episcopal Church

389 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

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W. Gibson's Sons of London

Date installed:


Artistic inspiration:

William Holman Hunt painting. See below


Gothic Revival / Munich Pictorial style / Opalescent

Location in the church:


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Christ Knocking in the Door,
W. Gibson's Sons of London

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William Fargo

Stained Glass -
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Pelican and chicks

William Holman Hunt, by Millet
Source (11/09)

Light of the World, by William Holman Hunt
Source (11/09)

Hunt met Millais and Rossetti and in 1848 they founded the "Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood."
In 1853 he painted the canvas The Light of the World (Manchester, City Art Gallery),
which brought him long-awaited public recognition. It was known even in far lands of England being drawn in postcards.

Special thanks to Trinity Episcopal Church Rector The Rev. R. Cameron Miller and Development Director Coleen Fahey for their cooperation and assistance

Photos and their arrangement © 2009 Chuck LaChiusa
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