Trinity Episcopal Church - Table of Contents

Exterior - Christ Chapel
371 Delaware Avenue, Buffalo, NY

Built: 1871
Arthur Gilham

Celtic cross: The Celtic cross in the courtyard was added in 1906. A. Philmister Proctor, sculptor of the lions at the base of the McKinley monument in Niagara Square, carved the pink Tennessee marble cross.

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Left: Trinity Church; right: Christ Chapel

Gothic Revival style. Note Celtic cross in foreground

Pinnacle topped by finial

Gothic Revival style stained glass window. Note distinctive tracery.

Detail from previous photo. Stone tracery at left; acanthus leaf decorating a label stop




1906.Celtic cross

Detail from previous photo.

The Man represents Matthew (Revelation 4:6-11)

The Bull represents Luke

See History of Christ Chapel

The Eagle represents John

The Lion represents Mark

Photos and their arrangement © 2004 Chuck LaChiusa
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